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The Mimus Approach

At MIMUS.io we cater our entire strategy around making your brand awesome. We create high energy branding videos for emerging and established blockchains to generate awareness, interest, and investment. We use a variety of multimedia platforms to make sure you stay a relevant part of the conversation.


Stand Out


Our Process

Keeping your audience engaged is the most important factor in an evolving marketplace. We analyze your brand and work with you to develop a customized strategy for your content based on your objectives and values; then build custom content for your platform including teasers, advertisements, .gif packages, company promos, educational videos, and full marketing campaigns.


Social Branding



10 GIFs

A collection of themed, re-postable clips targeted at your community for use on Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and other platforms of your choosing.



25-35 Second

Tell the world about your product or platform using a high-quality video designed to create intrigue. Announce a specific event, product launch, or update your customer base with the latest news on their favorite crypto project.



60-90 Second

Showcase your brand by informing your target audience of the benefits of your platform. A more in depth look at your brand using motion graphics that detail your project’s long term vision and future goals.

 Advertising Campaigns

Educational Videos

Educate your audience, explain the specifics of your platform by guiding end-users through any of your platforms features. Includes capturing meetups, dev lectures, testimonials from token holders, team Q&As, and instructional videos.

Company Promos

A dynamic and engaging overview of your company and its values. MIMUS.io will create a video that captures the uniqueness of your brand. The process includes interviews with key personal, customers, potential end-users, and a chance to see your business in action.

Marketing Campaigns

Combine your awesome company promo with a strategized array of onboarding videos, call-to-action commercials, and testimonials specifically designed to reach your company’s marketing goals.